Silk Veil Tie Dyeing 3 Sizes W-1707-10
Silk Veil Tie Dyeing 3 Sizes W-1707-10
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Silk Veil Tie Dyeing 3 Sizes W-1707-10

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Tie-dye silk veil for belly dance.

100% Habotai Silk 5mm
Model ID : W-1707

Size S: 200*90cm (78.7*35.4 Inch) for kids
Size L: 250*114cm (98.4*44.8 Inch)
Size 2XL: 270*114cm (106*44.8 Inch)
※ Size is a guide. There is some error in each length. Please understand in advance.


◆About the quality of the product
Most of the products sold are imported from China and the Middle East.
Regarding quality, there are some things that are inferior to the quality that Japanese people think in common sense, but we introduce products in the range that we think can be used as dance wear, lesson wear, etc.
There may be some cloth fraying, charcoal marks, etc. on small stains, dirt, edges, etc., but those that do not have problems with use are good products.
Thank you for your understanding.

◆About the image of the product
We take care to make the image of the product as close to the actual product as possible, but please note that it may look different from the actual one on your PC, monitor, mobile phone, etc.

◆About color drop
Please be sure to wash sewing products overseas by parting from other clothing, as there may be color drop and shrinking at the time of washing depending on the product. In addition, please note that dark clothing may become colored even when worn.

◆About washing
Please refrain from washing costumes, hip scarves, etc. with many decorations as much as possible.

◆Delivery date and delivery
Because it is a direct shipment from overseas, there is a case where bad weather and delays in the street order may be considered at the time of shipment.
Please note that there is a possibility that you will not be able to make it in time for the date of use due to the occurrence of a delay, and that we do not accept returns if you do not meet the date of use.
If you have any plans to use the costumes, please order with plenty of space.

◆About delivery
In the case of overseas direct shipment, customs duties are rarely incurred, but please bear the customs duties incurred by the customer.

◆About out of business of the product
Since we share inventory with other companies, even if there is no description of SOLD OUT, out of stock on the product page,We may not be able to prepare products because they are out of stock.
Please understand when ordering.

If it is out of stock, we will contact you by e-mail within 7 business days.
If you have already paid by credit card payment, we will refund you in full immediately.